Report a Claim      

In order to report a claim, it's important to have the following items on hand:

  • Kemper Policyholder's name
  • Kemper policy number
  • Description of incident, damages, injuries
  • Date and time of incident       

Having this information will help make your claim filing process easier.

Woman typing on laptop.

Type of Claims

Cell phone taking picture of damaged vehicle


For vehicle damage and auto related injuries



Auto Glass

For damages to vehicle glass only


Customer on phone observing engine bay under car hood

Roadside Assistance

For roadside assistance support 1234 12345




For towing reimbursement 12 345


Call In Your Claim

Prefer to speak directly with a Claims Representative?

New Claims

We are available to take your call Monday - Friday 9:00am-7:00pm           
Central Time and Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm Central Time.        

Auto, Home and Commercial Vehicle: 800-353-6737           
American Access Casualty: 630-645-7755

Existing Claims

If you have already filed your claim, please contact your adjuster during local regular business hours Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.         

Auto, Home and Commercial Vehicle: 800-353-6737            
American Access Casualty: 630-645-7755

Still need help with your auto claim?