Get Help With Your Auto
Insurance Claim

Kemper hopes our claims process will help make reporting your claim easier.

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The Auto Claim Process

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1. File your claim

File your claim here. A claims adjuster will be assigned to you.

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2. Adjuster will contact you

The claims adjuster assigned to your claim will contact you by the next business day to get the process started.

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3. Damage is evaluated

Your adjuster will let you know what kind of inspection you need. For minor damage you may be able to submit photos. For more severe damage, an inspector may be assigned to review your damage.

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4. Get estimate and schedule repairs

Your claims adjuster will provide an estimate and assist you in scheduling the repairs. For your convenience, we offer repair services through our trusted Kemper Repair Network, or you may schedule your own repair service.

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5. Claim is paid

Payment is made directly to you or the repair shop managing your repairs.

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Need Help with Your Existing Claim?

If you have already filed your claim, you can contact your adjuster during local regular business hours:

Monday - Friday 


Please have your adjuster extension and claim number ready.

Auto Claim - FAQs

    Once you have filed your claim, you can call your adjuster at 800-353-6737 during regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm in your local time zone.

    For American Access claims call 630-645-7755

      We encourage you to contact us any time you have a loss. We are here to protect your interest and help when you are involved in an auto accident, no matter who is at fault. Once you report a claim, a claim adjuster will be assigned to explain the claim process and answer any questions.

        You should file your claim as soon as possible even if you do not have all the necessary information. Here are some of the items we typically ask for:
        • Kemper policy information
        • Your contact information
        • Date and time of incident
        • Description of incident
        • Contact information for drivers, passengers, and witnesses
        • Police Report if available
        • Photos of vehicle damages or scene of accident
        • Description of damages to vehicle or property
        • Description of injuries

          Your claims adjuster will work with you to determine the type of inspection needed. Here is a list of possible options:
          • Your adjuster will provide a link to upload photos of damages
          • Appraiser assigned to inspect your vehicle
          • Inspection performed by Kemper Repair Network partner
          • Inspection performed by your own repair shop

            You have the choice of where to have your vehicle repaired. Your claims adjuster will walk you through the options and explain the process.
            If you need help finding a shop, you can choose one from our Kemper Repair Network

              Your repair shop will contact Kemper to discuss any additional damages discovered during the repair process. An additional estimate may be needed for any covered damages.

                The choice is yours. If you do not own your vehicle, check with your lien holder or leasing company before making any decisions. If you don’t repair, we will issue payment to you minus your deductible.

                  Kemper policy holders, check your policy for rental reimbursement coverage. Your claims adjuster will discuss the available options and can assist in scheduling a rental vehicle if coverage applies.

                    Kemper policy holders, check your policy for specific limits of rental reimbursement coverage. If you need to extend the rental period, you may be responsible for the additional expense.

                      When there are extensive damages and it is not practical to complete repairs to your vehicle, it may be determined to be a total loss. In preparing to resolve the total loss of your vehicle, follow these steps:
                      • Clean out your vehicle of all your personal items
                      • Leave your keys with the vehicle at the storage location or repair shop
                      • If your vehicle is located at a wrecker yard, release the vehicle to Kemper Insurance

                        Each claim is different and can include multiple factors that determine how long your claim will take. Contact your claims adjuster at 800-353-6737 to discuss the details of your claim.

                          Yes, when you file a claim on your policy, you are responsible for paying your deductible.

                            Payment is made once coverage is confirmed and the investigation is complete. It will be made to you minus any applicable deductible. Payment may be made to your leasing company or lienholder if you do not own your vehicle.