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Insure What's Really Important
Kemper Life tailors its products and provides personalized service to individuals and families who want basic life coverage and protection for their personal belongings.

  • Whole Life - Our whole life products offer coverage for life at a level premium, paid over a choice of timeframes, with developing cash values. 
  • Term Life - Our term products offer coverage for a limited time period, at a lower premium, with no cash value at the end of the policy's term.
  • Other Products - Kemper Life also offers fire/contents protection for your property inside your home, as well as First Occurrence Cancer, heart attack, and accident plans. 

Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need life insurance?
In the event of a tragedy, life insurance provides finances to your family after your death. These finances (known as the death benefit) helps to replace your income, and can help for your family to meet many important financial needs like funeral costs, daily living expenses and college funding.

How do I figure out how much life insurance I need?
Think about how much money your family will need to meet immediate expenses, like funeral expenses and debts, and how much money your family will need to live and pay bills.

A Kemper Life agent can help you find a life insurance policy that fits your needs. Talk to your agent today. If you don't have an agent, reach out to a local office and get connected to one.


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