Life Insurance Commonly Used Forms


This page contains the most commonly used forms for life insurance policies. Please see your agent with any questions, or call us at 1-800-777-8467 to speak to a customer service representative.


Electronic form submission is fast and easy. To start a form online, please click one of the following:

        Initiate a claimant statement (Complete a Death Claim)
        Initiate a policy change 
        Initiate a new cash loan request 
        Initiate a new request for waiver of premium        
        Initiate a new claim for contents/property loss 
        Initiate a new report of injury (Texas residents only
        Set up automatic premium payments 


Manual submission forms

To manually submit a form or forms through your agent, click and download from the following list:


Commonly Requested Forms for Filing a Life Claim 

Claimant Statement 

Life Claim Benefit Verification Request 

Commonly Requested Policy Related Forms 

Policy Change Form 

Request for Electronic Funds Transfer 

Change the Way You Pay - Payment Mode Change Form 

Lost or Stolen Check Affidavit   

Small Estate Affidavit ADULT 

Small Estate Affidavit MINOR

Commonly Requested Property Insurance Forms  

Fire Insurance Inventory Form 

Property Insurance Claim Form - All States Except California 

Property Claim Form - California