Premium Credits for Hurricane and Windstorm Mitigation

For Florida Residents



Kemper Life offers United Casualty Insurance Company of America policyholders certain credits for its Contents policy for hurricane and windstorm mitigation, in accordance with state law and regulation. Please see the chart below for an overview of the available credits, and please contact us for details.  

CONTENTS POLICY - Forms 201 and 201M 



Credit Requirement

Non-Hurricane Deductible Credit (Optional)

@ $500 – 15% of Fire & Extended Coverage premium


Hurricane Deductible Credit


@ $500  10% of Hurricane premium


Fire Sprinkler  

10% of Fire premium.

Available for dwelling and contents coverages, where the dwelling is protected by an automatic sprinkler system, installed in accordance with National Fire Sprinkler Association Standards and maintained in accordance with nationally accepted standards. 






Credit Requirement

Loss mitigation features: 

  • Roof covering

  • Roof deck attachment

  • Roof-wall connection

  • Window protection

  • Door type; or

  • Roof geometry

The Home Office will use the premium for the appropriate policy premium in conjunction with the loss mitigation factor tables filed with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. 

Proof that the loss mitigation features have been installed at the dwelling. For example, certification by a registered or licensed design professional could be required.  NOTE: the insured is responsible for the expense associated with substantiating the existence of the mitigation features.

Building Code Effectiveness Grading discount

Based on nationally recognized building standards, in conjunction with loss mitigation factor tables filed with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. 

Proof of the building code compliance


Contents Policy Forms 201 and 201M in Florida are underwritten by United Casualty Insurance Company of America, a Kemper Life company.

Kemper Life is the brand name for insurance products issued by subsidiary insurance companies controlled by Kemper Corporation.

Each subsidiary of Kemper Corporation is solely responsible for the insurance products it underwrites and issues.