Introducing the Kemper Auto Mural Project: Conectando Comunidades

March 4, 2024 by Michele Beherns

Photo of the new mural in South Gate

Kemper Auto is introducing a new community mural as part of the Kemper Auto Mural Project: Conectando Comunidades. The Kemper Auto Mural Project: Conectando Comunidades is an initiative to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our Hispanic agency partners and the communities they serve.

Kemper Auto is partnering with local independent insurance agencies and Hispanic artists to design and install murals in the neighborhoods where our customers and agents live and work. Each mural will be painted on our agency partner’s exterior wall, adding vibrancy and beauty to the neighborhood while paying homage to the invaluable contributions of the Hispanic community.

Meet the agency

The inaugural mural was painted in South Gate, California, on an exterior wall of the town’s local agency, Griffith Insurance & Financial Services. The mural was unveiled at a community celebration on Thursday, February 22.

For over 20 years, Griffith Insurance has worked to bridge the gap between insurance and the community they serve. Griffith Insurance joined Kemper Auto in Conectando Comunidades to help beautify, unify, and remind the community that “we’re just like you,” as said by the agency.

“When Kemper presented this idea of wanting to paint a mural, we felt this was the best idea for us to join that crusade in a sense of unifying the community, making it beautiful again.” –Kathy Griffith, Griffith Insurance & Financial Services

Meet the artist

Local LA-based artist, Michelle Guerrero or “Mr B Baby,” spent weeks designing and painting the mural, and ultimately contributing vibrancy, beauty, and energy to the South Gate masterpiece.

A Chula Vista native, Mr B Baby creatively blends her Hispanic roots with themes of mental well-being, infusing her murals with positivity and thought-provoking images. She often conveys these themes through the characters she creates.

“I have a couple of other characters, which are inspired by the Lelé dolls from Mexico,” said Mr B Baby in an interview with Kemper Auto. “The background of those dolls is actually they used to put them in baby cribs to ward off negative spirits.”

By blending Mr B Baby’s artistic ideas and Kemper Auto’s mission, we hope to leave a beautiful mark not only for our agency but for the South Gate community.