Personal Property Insurance protects what you value most

Personal Property Insurance for Your Valuables


Your grandmother’s wedding crystal. That bronze sculpture you bought in Italy. Your engagement ring. Your home is filled with valuables that standard homeowners, condominium and renters coverage may not fully protect. That’s why Kemper Personal Insurance offers several enhancements that you can buy to ensure your belongings are fully covered.

Scheduled Personal Property – If you have individual items of significant value, you can list each item on your policy, along with a specific amount of insurance you need for each. No deductible applies; appraisals to determine value of scheduled items may be required.

Blanket Valuable Items – For groups of lesser-valued items such as jewelry, golf equipment and collectibles, consider adding Blanket Valuable Items coverage to your policy. Your homeowners insurance helps cover items when they are stolen. When you choose this option, your items are covered even if they’re lost. You can select coverage for groups of similar items. And there’s no deductible. 

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