Kemper Personal Insurance Personal Valuables Coverage

Coverage for What's Inside
Your grandmother’s wedding crystal. That mint condition baseball card. Your lucky golf clubs. Your home is filled with valuables that standard homeowners, condo, and renters coverage may not fully protect.

Kemper Personal Insurance offers several options to ensure your belongings are fully covered: 

  • Scheduled Personal Property – For individual items of significant value, you can list each item on your policy, along with a specific amount of insurance you need for each. 

  • Blanket Valuable Items – For groups of lesser-valued items such as jewelry, golf equipment and collectibles. You can select coverage for groups of similar items. 

Personal Valuables Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to pay a deductible?
No deductible applies; for Scheduled Personal Property insurance, appraisals to determine the value of individual items may be required.

What happens if the covered items are lost?
With Blanket Valuable Items insurance, your items are covered even if they're lost.

Kemper Personal Insurance can help you with your Personal Valuables insurance needs. Talk to your independent agent today. If you don't have an agent, find one now.