Renters, Homeowners, and Condo Insurance Discounts

Home Insurance Discounts

With the number of homeowners insurance discounts Kemper Direct offers, you could to be eligible to save even more on our already competitive rates. Read on to learn about the various discounts we offer that you may qualify for, or start a quote now and find out how much you will save!

  • Multi-Policy Discount – Insure your home and your vehicles with us, and get a discount on both policies. Learn more about our Multi-Policy Discount.
  • Age of Home Discount – Homes with newer constructions (less than 15 years old) qualify for a discount.
  • Age of Roof Discount – Homes with newer roofs (less than 6 years old) may qualify for a discount.
  • Coverage Bundle Discount – Purchase 3 or more select coverage enhancements and qualify for a 10% discount on each.
  • Home Renovation Discount – Homes older than 25 years than have undergone qualifying renovations to heating, wiring and plumbing may be eligible for a 10% discount.
  • Home Buyer Discount – If you purchased your home within the last 24 months, you qualify for this discount.
  • Happily Married Discount™ – Customers in marriages, legally recognized civil unions, and domestic partnerships, qualify for the Happily Married Discount™
  • Hip Roof Discount – If your home has a “pyramid” shaped roof with slopes on all 4 sides, you may qualify for a discount (available in certain coastal states).
  • Safe & Sound® Discount – Protective devices in your home such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, and burglar alarms may qualify you for a discount.
  • Window Protection Discount – If you live in an area affected by hurricanes and have storm or hurricane shutters, you may qualify for a discount.


All statements are subject to the terms, exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. In all instances current policy contract language prevails. Products, services and discounts referenced herein are not available in all states or in all underwriting companies. Coverage is subject to individual policyholders meeting our underwriting qualifications and state availability. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply.

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Home Insurance Discounts