Auto Insurance Discounts

With the number of auto insurance discounts Kemper Direct offers, you could easily be eligible to save even more on our already competitive rates!  Read on to learn about the various discounts we offer that you may qualify for, or start a quote now and find out how much you can save!

Multi-Policy Discount

Insure your vehicles and your home, condo, or apartment with us, and get a discount on both policies. Learn more about our Multi-Policy Discount.

Network Discount

If you refer a friend who also purchases a policy with us, you both get a 10% discount on your auto insurance. Learn more about our Network Discount.

Free-A-Tree® Discount

Go green and save on your auto insurance while doing so! The Free-A-Tree® Discount enables you to go paperless, sign your documents online, and enroll in our EasyPay automatic payment service.

Happily Married Discount™

Customers in marriages, as well as legally recognized civil unions and domestic partnerships, also qualify for the Happily Married Discount™.

Preferred Payer Discount™

With the Preferred Payer Discount™, the more you pay up-front on your Kemper Direct auto insurance policy, the more you save. Pay your policy in full to take advantage of the maximum discount.

Retro Loyalty Discount™

Switch to Kemper Direct and you’ll save on your auto insurance policy while we reward you for your loyalty with your previous auto insurer.  The amount of your discount is based on how long you were a customer with your previous carrier and meeting the continuous coverage requirements.

Safe & Sound® Discount

If you have at least two named insureds on your Kemper Direct auto insurance policy and at least one driver is over the age of 18, you’re eligible for a discount if all of the drivers on the policy have driven without any chargeable accidents or violations for at least three years, and have been continuously insured for at least 12 months.

In addition to the great discounts we’ve created above just for our customers, we offer these other traditional discounts that you're likely familiar with:

Airbag Discount – If your vehicle's safety equipment includes airbags.

Anti-Theft Discount – If your vehicle is equipped with certain listed devices that will help prevent losses from theft.

Mature Driver Discount – If you are age 55 or older and have recently completed a state-approved accident prevention course. In some states, it's required that you do not have any chargeable accidents or violations as well.

Multi-Car Discount – If you insure multiple vehicles on the same policy.

Passive Restraint Discount – If your vehicle(s) are equipped with qualifying passive restraint equipment, such as automatic seatbelts.

All statements are subject to the terms, exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. In all instances current policy contract language prevails. Products, services and discounts referenced herein are not available in all states or in all underwriting companies. Coverage is subject to individual policyholders meeting our underwriting qualifications and state availability. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply.

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