Payment Options

At Kemper Direct we value your need for flexibility and convenience, so we created a suite of Payment Options for you to select from.   

Pick Your Payment™

Choose from annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and even monthly payment options. Auto insurance shoppers may even qualify for the Preferred Payer Discount™.  The more you pay up front on your auto insurance policy, the greater the discount.

If you select our monthly payment schedule, you’ll make a small down payment and then 10 more monthly payments. At renewal, you then move to a payment per month for your next 12-month term. We even let you pick the size of the down payment using our Pick Your Payment feature. And, many customers will have the option of starting a policy with as little as a one-month down payment.

Billing & Payment Options

Take advantage of our EasyPay service and automatic payments using your debit or credit card, or checking or savings account. When you E-Sign your policy with EasyPay, you'll automatically save even more with our Free-A-Tree® Discount.

For eligible homeowners insurance policy-holders, you may be able to use our Mortgagee Billing to make your insurance payments automatically from your home’s escrow account.

We also accept payments online or over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you prefer, you can instead send us a check via mail to this address:

Kemper Direct
PO Box 660421
Dallas, TX 75266-0421

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Insurance Payment Options