Replacement Cost Dwelling

Replacement Cost for Your Home

Your home is likely to be the most significant purchase you make in your lifetime. Kemper understands that and offers extra protection for your investment.

Replacement Cost Dwelling

When it comes to your home, there are two “values” that matter. They are market value and replacement cost. And, while they both have to do with your home’s value, how the two numbers are arrived at is very different. Therefore, the numbers are very different.

Market Value is the current price for which your home can be bought or sold. Think about similar homes in your neighborhood and what they have recently sold for. This is probably close to your home’s Market Value.

Replacement cost refers to the cost to rebuild your home on its existing lot, built to the same quality and using the same materials. With evolving building codes and escalating costs for construction and materials, replacement cost can be significantly higher than market value.

Your Homeowners policy provides coverage for your Dwelling. The amount you choose for this coverage (Coverage A in Section I on most policies) should reflect the amount that will allow you to rebuild your existing dwelling.

In the event of a total loss to your home, most Homeowners policies will pay up to the amount you selected for your Coverage A to rebuild. That amount may not be sufficient to rebuild your home to its prior specifications.

Kemper's Replacement Cost Dwelling coverage can provide you additional protection to account for fluctuations in the cost of rebuilding your home. Depending on the level of coverage available in your state, when you add Replacement Cost Dwelling to your Home policy and you have a covered loss, Kemper can pay up to 150 percent or more of your home's insured value (the amount you selected for Coverage A), less your policy's deductible amount.

For example, if you have Replacement Cost Dwelling on your Homeowners policy with $250,000 selected as your Coverage A amount and you need to rebuild after a covered loss, because of the additional protection Replacement Cost Dwelling provides, Kemper can pay up to $375,000, minus your deductible, to rebuild your home (250,000 X 1.5).

Replacement Cost Dwelling is available as an endorsement to your Homeowners policy.

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