Identity Fraud Expense Insurance

Do you know that the Federal Trade Commission estimates that the identities of 9 million Americans are stolen each year?

Having someone else assume your identity and use your credit can hurt your wallet. We offer Identity Fraud Expense coverage that can reimburse your costs if you are the victim of identity fraud.

You can add Identity Fraud Expense coverage to your Homeowners, Condominium, Renters or Package Plus policy. For a small annual premium, we provide up to $15,000 of coverage that pays for expenses incurred as a direct result of identity fraud, including:

  • Lost income (up to $5,000) resulting from time taken from work to meet with law enforcement
  • Costs to reapply for loans rejected because the lender received incorrect credit information
  • Costs of documents required by financial institutions to prove identity fraud
  • Reasonable attorney fees you may incur to defend against lawsuits, remove criminal or civil judgments wrongly entered against you, or to challenge the accuracy or completeness of your consumer credit report information

What else do I need to know?

Kemper can help you with your Identity Fraud Expense insurance needs. Talk to your Independent Agent today. If you don't have an agent, find one now.

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